Project: Logo Design, Copywriting, Website Design with e-store, Graphic Design

We have worked with Pactech over the last four years to:

  • Redesign their logo
  • Copywriting and design for their website
  • Set up an e-store for their website
  • Design brochures, vehicle wrap, banners, and business cards

What their marketing director had to say about working with us:
“Tim helped us strategize and execute the rebranding of Pactech and its online marketing efforts. The end results increased our wallet shares and opened up new business opportunities that we could not have previously reached. The quality of the website design and content marketing materials surpasses our expectations. I truly enjoy working with Tim. He is a person who upholds high integrity and ethical values.”
– EDMUND LAM, Past Director of Marketing and Sales at Pactech

Visit Pactech’s Website:
Pactech Website Design

Ecommerce Store

Pactech Business Cards

Pactech banners

Pactech Company Overview

Company Overview

Invitation Design

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