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Our Story - Coracle Marketing

In 2012 my wife and I (Tim) quit our jobs to blog full-time. Our goal was to turn our blog into a small business that generated a part-time income, so my wife could work on it while staying at home with our kids in the future. With a small budget we learned how to design our own website, promote the blog on social media, get website traffic through SEO, build an email list, and sell products online. We also wrote and self-published two books. Along the way, we made a bunch of mistakes and learned what didn’t work. Over time we started seeing success with 15,000 monthly visitors to our blog and an email list of over 1300 people.

6 months into blogging full time I was approached by a few small business owners. They had seen our blog and social media presence and asked if we could help their business with their online marketing. We started working with them and confirmed that many of the lessons we learned while growing our blog also applied to marketing a small business. We also discovered that we loved working with small businesses.

That’s the story of how Coracle Marketing was started.


Coracle Marketing was started to help change the world for the better.

We believe in business owners and the difference they can make in the world. In a world where it’s all too common for customers to be ripped off and employees to be undervalued, there are still many passionate businesses owners who truly care about making people’s lives better. That’s who we want to work with. Through smart marketing, we want to help business owners achieve their vision, serve their customers, and provide work for their employees.

The heart of our business is service.

The vision of Coracle Marketing is to provide world-class marketing services to vision-driven business owners in Greater Vancouver. We have a very personal approach and always take time to learn the story, the heart, and the passion behind the business owners. With this knowledge, we are able to customize the marketing work we do for them. Our customers are consistently impressed with our level of service, from the detailed proposals we write to the lightning quick responses to their emails.

We believe that doing meaningful work is an essential part of being human.

What is meaningful work? It’s work that we are passionate about, work that puts our skills at use, and work that meets the needs of the community. Our heart is also to provide meaningful work for our team. We’ve had the privilege of forming a small team to work with us. At Coracle Marketing, we want everyone that works with us to develop their skills and do what they love, while making an income to provide for their families.

We believe it’s a privilege to own a business.

At Coracle Marketing, we strive to do our best in making the world a better place by providing high-quality marketing services for businesses and organizations, meaningful work for our team, and giving back to the community.

Our Mission: To help Vision-Driven Businesses Achieve Meaningful Growth


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